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The Cattasaurus™ 2-in-1 Pumpkin Brush

23 reviews
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Say Hello to Your Cat's Favourite Grooming Brush!

'Furry customers' hate your grooming service? Probably the tools you use are to blame!

Treat them to the best grooming tool of the year. The Cattasaurus™ 2 in 1 Pumpkin Brush allows you to get deep into your cat's undercoat and remove loose hair effectively without scratching the feline's skin, giving them the comfiest massage they've ever experienced.

Guaranteed to remove 99% of shed hair from your cat's fur coat painlessly, keeping them healthy and hairball-free all year round or your money back, no questions asked.

What is a Cat's Hairball?

Besides eating, sleeping, or starring in Internet videos, cats love to groom.

During the process, they lick and swallow a lot of furs. The indigestible hair gradually builds up in the cat's stomach and forms tube-like hair masses, called hairballs.

Those hairballs are not just disagreeable for you to clean up - they can also cause intestinal blockages, which can be a serious health problem for your cat.

Compared to a hairball removal surgery which usually costs over $1,000 and causes a traumatic experience for your cat, brushing your cat’s fur regularly is the most effective and economical way vets recommend to reduce the risk of dangerous hairballs in your fur friend’s stomach.

The 'Purr-fect' Grooming Tool for Fur Friends

Most grooming tools are ineffective and painfulfor felines. Instead of purring, they always try to escape, or even attack their caring owners with claws and teeth!

With 138 long durable bristles covered by soft silicone tips, the Cattasaurus™ 2-in-1 Pumpkin Brush is purposefully engineered to remove loose hair quickly & thoroughly while massaging your fur friend in the most gentle way possible, leaving a shiny & healthy fur coat, free from tangles and knots.

Easy to Clean

No more grooming brushes that are a total nightmare to clean!

Thanks to the new one-click control, our 2-in-1 Pumpkin Brush allows you to collect and clean all the shed hair with just one click. Simply press the button in the middle to wipe the hair off,  you and your pet can get back in action in no time. Brushing your cat couldn't be easier than that!

  • Removes dead hair, tangles & knots
  • Massages for a healthier & shinier fur
  • Prevents painful skin-scratching
  • De-shedding eliminates ticks/fleas
  • Works on long, medium & short-haired cats
  • Great for cats, dogs, rabbits & other pets
  • The perfect gift for cats & cat owners 🎁
  • Not sold in stores. We ship worldwide.

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Try the Cattasaurus™ 2-in-1 Pumpkin Brush completely risk-free for 30 days. If for whatever reason you decide you aren’t satisfied, contact our helpful customer support within 30 days of receiving your order and we’ll refund you, no questions asked! 

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    Cattasaurus  Review

    My beautiful black hair basic house cat has been shedding uncontrollably for some time now. There was cat hair everywhere from the kitchen floors, bathroom, laundry, even found hair on my tooth brush. The wife lost her s@&$ one day and says that the cat must go! Me being an animal lover and protecting my moody feline gal ordered this brush and wow does it do a great job!! It removed about 4 pounds of hair from the cat and hopefully eliminating hair balls to be discovered by me walking bare foot on the way to the bathroom at 2am. I even tried the brush on my wife’s kid and it worked great! I now have a black eye but can eat without getting mouthfuls of cat hair in my food! Great purchase!!

    Franklin L.
    United States
    Cattasaurus  ReviewCattasaurus  ReviewCattasaurus  Review

    Cat people...(it says dogs, too, but I don't have a dog..) We have found the perfect BRUSH! Pet brushes have been too soft, or to sharp, or impossible to clean. This one is perfect. Metal bristles but NOT SHARP and a push-button handle to pop out the fur. These fur-babies not only loved it just now, they lined up to get another turn if a sibling was getting brushed!

    Ulrike W.
    United States

    I really like this brush. My kitty has fairly thick long hair and this brush does a good job getting through her fur. We have a furminator and that's probably the best tool for getting out the loose fur but it really pulls and my kitty doesn't like to put up with it for long. This brush does not pull out as much hair but it does a great job and she loves being brushed with it. We use it every night now because she enjoys the brushing so much! I'm so glad I brought it!

    Vickie K.
    United States

    Perfect brush for cats that don't like to be brushed...i had another brush that my cat would not let me use on her...this brush though she will even come up to me wanting to be brushed...well worth the purchase

    Sebrina E.
    United States

    Love this brush! I have 3 cats - 2 are long haired and super fluffy and one is short haired. For my longer haired cats this brush is amazing! Pulls out so much loose hair so I’m no longer having big chunks of hair everywhere when I pet them. The only downside to this is that it’s not really effective when I try to use it on my short haired cat. However, even with me only being able to use it on my long haired cats I still gave this 5 stars because of how great it works on the other cats. Totally satisfied with the purchase!

    Zita C.
    United States