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Our easy to use Swim Band Pro Kit is not only the perfect solution for at-home training but its also a great tool for building muscle and strength. The band creates a unique type of resistance that your body is not used to from normal swimming, allowing you to get even faster and stronger in the water in ways that normal training simply can't do.

Designed to make you faster and stronger in the water - Guaranteed!


  • Train multiple types of swimming styles
  • Strengthen muscles to increase racing speed and endurance
  • Stationary training in any sized pool
  • Easy to travel with and quick to set up

Perfect For:

  • Professional Swimmers
  • Athletes of all ages
  • Anyone looking for a great workout

Stationary Resistance Training

How to use

Step 1: Put on the waist strap and tighten as needed

Step 2: Hook Side A of the band onto something stable

Step 3: Hook Side B of the band onto your waist strap

Step 4: Begin training :)


  • Resistance Band is 3 Meters long (9.8 Feet)
  • Waist Strap fits waist sizes 55 - 105 cm (21 - 41 inches)
  • Made of high quality latex 
  • Strong build used for adults

What's Included?

1 x Swim Band Pro
1 x Waist Strap Set
1 x Mesh Carrying Bag
1 x User Manual