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PuppySwing Charging Cable

Cable Style

Make charging less boring!

"When I'm moving, you know it's in!"

Are you getting bored of the unpassionate chargers, which keep being broken and become dangerous to your phone every time you charge it?

Comes with a creative and automatic hip-swinging design, The PuppySwing Charging Cable is not only a favorite gag gif that makes you and others laugh at times when charging phone and tablet, but it also allows you to charge the devices fast without worrying of wear and tear.

perfectly hilarious gift to friends and family, everyone will love it!

Key Features

88 full copper core wires: Lightweight, durable, and charge your phone quickly and safely

 - TPE material is strong and durable, anti-winding

- 3 different cable styles for iPhones, Androids and Type-C products.

- Fun repeated swinging effect 

-A great gift for children, adults, your friends, families, etc.

Package Contents:

1x PuppySwing Charging Cable