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Nail tools


āœ…Automatically Collects Nail ClippingsšŸ„°
āœ…Anti-Fingerprint Premium Stainless SteelšŸ˜
āœ…Razor Sharp BladešŸŒŸ


Clipping your nails can be very messy! If you want toĀ save time and energyĀ in doing them at the comforts of home, use thisĀ No Mess Nail Clipper!

ThisĀ innovative clipperĀ is created to prevent your nails from flying all over the place! It will lessen your workload, enabling you toĀ focus on clipping rather than cleaning up.

The design allows you to cut nails without the fear of getting your nails everywhere! Once you flip it, you will unveil itsĀ mystery box that works as a concealed storageĀ for your nails. You can then tap it into the trash when you have the time!


  • SELF-CLEANING COLLECTION-Ā This revolutionary nail clipper is a game-changer! Manage the way you cut your nails! It is easy. Cut your nails like you normally do but find zero trace of nails in the area! All of the mess will be found inside the storage box for a very convenient and mess-free nail cleaning.

  • RAZOR-SHARP BLADES-Ā You can certainly use this on both toenails and fingernails because of its razor-sharp blades.

  • COMPACT & STYLISH DESIGN-Ā Make sure to get your hands on these very classic, stylish, and travel-friendly clipper that you can use anywhere you go.
  • PREMIUM STAINLESS STEEL-This clipper is made high quality and durable stainless steel material that leaves no fingerprint stains and is anti-rust.