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Diaper Backpack With Changing Bed


We know that changing your baby's diaper day in and day out and carrying them all day long can be VERY EXHAUSTING! Having a private, clean, and controlled environment for your child can sometimes be the difference between a cranky baby and a happy one. That's why at Hominx, we teamed up with experts and developed this backpack that has a built-in bed for your baby, anywhere, and anytime!

  • Compact  and Light Weight (less than 1.5kg / 3.3lbs)
  • Measures 12” x 17” with 7” Deep. The Bed Expanded Measures 30” Wide.
  • Expandable Into a Bed for Babies up to 16 Months!
  • Durable and Waterproof Oxford Material.
  • Thermal Bottle Storage Keeps Temperatures In Control.
  • Mattress Pad included With Each Bag.
  • Straps Onto Any Standard Stroller.
  • Multiple Compartments - Wipes Holder, Phone Holder, Bottle Storage, Pampers, and More!
  • Designed and Sold Exclusively By shoprixa.com. Check If Your Bag is Authentic With Our Authenticator App
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee - Love it or Return it!

Q. Do you need to remove everything when you turn it into a bed?

A. No the bed extends out from the back and no items need to be removed from the backpack.


Q. How long is shipping and are you still delivering during the pandemic?

A. Yes, currently delivery is between 10-14 days and possibly delays for an additional week. 


Q. Can this be used for other uses such as an extra bed for my child and is padding included with the bed?

A. Yes, many use it as an extra bed or a "play pen" for their children. Padding is included with your order.