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The OOZIE™ Antibacterial Slimes

36 reviews

Bothered by dusty-looking keyboard?

“Gross Alert, Your Computer Keyboard Is 20,000 Times Dirtier Than A Toilet Seat.”

Yes, you heard it right!

Computer keyboards can get easily besmirched with food, dirt and germs just like other frequently touched items such as doorknobs and money. But beyond just looking grimy, a dirty keyboard can actually make you really sick.

So if you’re worried about falling ill this winter, it might be wise to have your desk clean. And the OOZIE™ Antibacterial Slimes makes cleaning easier than ever!


Thanks to its sticky, but almost liquid nature, the slime can ooze into any opening and pull out hard-to-reach dust, dirt, and crumbs. 

Not only do the OOZIE™ Antibacterial Slimes pick up dust and food out of your keyboard, but also rid it of the skin oil from your finger, preventing bacteria from festering.


  • ANTIBACTERIAL: The slime contains an antibacterial agent that kills 99% of bacteria and viruses. 
  • REUSABLE: It can be used many times before turning dark.

  • MULTI-PURPOSE:This cleaning putty is at its best stuffed into cupholders, smushed across your keyboard, and even poked into the tiny holes on your smartphone.

  • GREAT GIFT: The OOZIE™ Antibacterial Slimes offers a fast track to a clean and hygienic environment, making it a perfect gift for everyone who procrastinates or is too busy to clean stuff.

  • GIVE YOUR CAR A NEW, FRESH BREATH OF LIFE! You can also use the slime on your car, maintaining the car interior's hygiene and cleaning spots that are hard to reach with ease. If you prioritize your health and your family's, then our slime is what you need!


"I use it to clean the computer keyboard and the car. I think it's a very good product, a product worth repurchasing. I used to worry about how to clean the dust from the car, but now I think it's very easy." - Mike R.


Question: Can it help me stick the crumbs in the seams?

Answer: Sure, the OOZIE™ Antibacterial Slimes can work normally in the corners of small gaps, you can easily stick bread crumbs or other dirt.

Question: I'm tired of cleaning my car interior. Can this slime effectively remove dust in my car?

Answer: Yes. The OOZIE™ Antibacterial Slimes cleans very well. You can use it to clean all of the nooks and small spaces that collect dust on your dashboard and air vents. Thanks to its strong adhesion, the OOZIE™ Antibacterial Slimes allows you to remove most of the dust effortlessly.

Question: What can I clean with the OOZIE?

Answer:You can use our slime to remove dust and clean many electric devices, such as computer keyboard, mobile phone, mouse, earphone, camera, keychains, doorknobs, and dead conners in your car.

Question: How do you dispose of the OOZIE™ Antibacterial Slimes after use?

Answer: The OOZIE™ Antibacterial Slimes is made of environmentally friendly materials. After use, you can put Car Cleaning Gel in the container. it can be reused next time.

Question: When the OOZIE™ Antibacterial Slimes get dirty is a one-time used when it gets really dirty do you clean it with water with soap? 

Answer:The OOZIE™ Antibacterial Slimes can be used reused until the color is darkened. After use put the gel into the box and keep it in a cool place. Please don't wash the gel with water. You can also use it in chunks, a little at a time and collect as much dirt as you can before throwing that chunk away.

  • 83% of buyers purchase 3 or more for an optimal effect
  • Not available in stores!
  • Package dimensions/weight: ‎2.64 x 2.6 x 2.44 inches/ 16 ounces
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        Shoprixa  Review

        I really really REALLY didn't think this would work but I was getting desperate. I was wrong. It REALLY really really DOES work I'm floored because not only does it work it works GREAT

        Lakeisha G.
        United States United States
        Shoprixa  Review

        I have purchased this before and it is easy to use and does a great job at picking things up. I use it to clean my keyboard at home and work. I have not had any issues. It does have a lavender smell which feels very pleasant.

        Rita P.
        United States United States

        I only came across this stuff cuz I saw a video of someone using it to clean out their keyboard so decided I'd give it a try as well. The gel is kind of like Gak slime from the 90's with it's consistency, and it doesn't stick to your hands and is easy to stretch and place on items without sticking to them either. This Oozie really lives up to it's name for cleaning items. Used it on my keyboard and it is now spotless, no dust, hair, crumbs, or anything else in the keyboard, it's 100x better than a can of air to use to clean. It also works great on computer mouse and gaming controllers. It gets down into the crevices and pulls all the grime and gunk that has built up over the years out of them and restores them to almost looking like a new product again. Well worth the price.

        Danille L.
        United States United States

        This is a great keyboard cleaner. Open it up rub it between your hands and it’ll start to get a firmer texture before applying to your keyboard and then have fun. Once it’s open it doesn’t have that long of a shelf life, you’ll be good for about 1-3 months before it starts to mold if your not using it often.

        Judith C.
        United States United States

        So I got this stuff because even though I wipe my husbands car down regularly, i can never get it out of the cracks and stuff to such a point where it actually looks clean. This stuff and the little brush helped me get it looking like it had been professionally detailed in half the time I would usually spend. And it was pretty therapeutic using it. I mean, the stuff is basically slime. So i felt like a kid who got to play with slime for 10 mins when i was actually cleaning a car. Pretty awesome. But just like all slime, be careful of your clothes or allowing it to come into contact with fabrics.

        Dinorah H.
        United States United States