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BB Cream Concealer Foundation

No more cakey or stuffy makeup! Hide Rosacea on your face with this magical cream and look gorgeous despite having red skin. 

A thin coat of this flawless CC cream hides your face redness, blemishes, dark circles or wrinkled skin like anything to enable you to wear your desired makeup as if you have normal skin

✔️Conceals your rough skin like no other cream, enabling you to attend parties, go to your office as usual, or remain at home with confidence.

✔️Instantly hides blemishes, dark spots, and reds, smooth uneven skin tones, a beautiful, natural, and glowing look.

✔️Natural hydrating provides excellent diffusing power and is non-irritating. The new formula's moisturizing properties keep skin fresh and comfortable throughout the day.

✔️ Perfect cover without smudging.

✔️ Waterproof & long-lasting effect- It stays up to 24 hours with its soft coverage without giving you any irritation. It also provides your skin with a slight shine that gleams majestically under lights. Perfect for wedding events, red carpets and award ceremonies.

✔️ Unique brush - The mushroom head brush becomes softer and slightly bigger for more even coverage, which ultimately evens out the CC cream smoothly on your face.

✔️ Tip: When using, if you can't get the BB cream, don't press the filter forcefully, instead of turning the bottle upside down, use the bottom gently, which lets the BB cream flow to the filter, then the bottle stands upright you can get the BB cream sponge.