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"...From the moment we introduced our cat to the Peekaboo Cat Cave, they were obsessed."


35 reviews


Every cat owner knows two things. Our cats want comfort, and they want a quiet spot of their own. Give them both (and a place to play) with the Peekaboo Cat Cave. The perfect mix of comfort, privacy and fun for your furry feline friend.

(Your cat will thank you 😻)

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Purrfect cat cave!

"I was still zipping the sides together when my cat jumped into this cave. He loves playing, sleeping and sitting in and on top of it. Super easy to clean since you can take it apart. Best cat cave (and toy) I've ever bought for sure."

- Myron L., TX

When you love your cat, you want them to have the best

A new favourite nap spot

It's not that cats are lazy (though ours are ). It's that they're saving up energy for the hunt. Yeah, that's it. The hunt. Not for the 3 am noise exhibition they plan to put on tonight. Whatever the reason, cats love to sleep, and the Cat Cave will quickly become their favourite spot to nap peacefully and comfortably.

Where they can launch attacks

Play attacks because your little angel would never actually hurt anything. Just a perfect little, furry angel. They all are. When they need to work off extra energy or engage in play, the Cat Cave is the ideal way to keep them happy.

Room for two, and a throne if required

There is enough room for two cats to get cozy inside the Cat Cave. Alternatively, if you have two cats and one is, shall we say, more dominant, the top of your Cat Cave makes the perfect throne for the King or Queen of your home.

Cat approved and better than the latest cardboard box

How many times have you found your cat squeezed into something ridiculous? Or watched in amazement as they climb into and obsess over the newest cardboard box brought into your home?

Such strange, magnificent characters are these cats of ours.

We're not saying the cat cave will prevent your furry friend from ever getting in another tight space. Still, it will most definitely become their favourite place and the one they go back to time and again.

Your cat deserves the best, and so do you

What good is a super comfy and fun Cat Cave if it falls apart or is hard to clean?

That's why the Cattasaurus Cat Cave is made with durable, claw-resistant felt and a unique zipper design that lets you zip open for easy cleaning and flat storage ( on trips ).

Try the Cattasaurus Cat Cave 100% risk-free

We've yet to meet a cat that doesn't love our Cat Caves. But every cat is different. So if for any reason at all, your cat doesn't love, and we mean LOVE, their new Cat Cave, return it for a full refund, no questions asked.