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Rated by 4.9/5 by 1392 Happy Customers


  • Remove stain, rust and paint in seconds

  • Completely dust-free, safe & eco-friendly

  • More effective than dry sand-blasting

  • No more heat-damage on surfaces

"I was surprised to find it worked flawlessly! I read the instructions. Used it exactly as they said. And had no problems. For the money this tool is one of my favorites in the garage now." 

S. L. Johnson - Hudson, ME -⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Rated by 4.9/5 by 1329 Happy Customers 


  • Remove stain, rust and paint in seconds

  • Completely dust-free, safe & eco-friendly

  • More effective than dry sand-blasting

  • No more heat-damage on surfaces

High Pressure Washer Wet SandBlasting Kit

Looking for an easy way to remove rust and stains? Then, this DIAS WET SANDBLASTING KIT is for you!

The DIAS WET SANDBLASTING KIT is the world's most powerful and effective. Don't waste your precious time trying to remove tough stains, rust, multiple layers of paint, or graffiti by hand! There's no need to resort to harsh chemicals like acids and thinners! Let the DIAS WET SANDBLASTING KIT do your hard jobs. 

THe most EFFECTIVE wet sandblasting kit

The DIAS WET SANDBLASTING KIT can be used to remove rust, stain, old paint or even graffiti,...making it the last sand blaster you ever need!

This amazing kit lets you convert your professional pressure washer into a wet sandblaster. DIAS WET SANDBLASTING KIT is also dust-free, more effective than dry sand-blasting, and is quick and easy!


The old traditional dry sand blasting kit creates a lot of dust, which is dangerous to inhale. If you use a dry sandblaster, it’s extremely important that nobody comes near without a mask, and this is very hard to do if you’re working from home.

Unlike dry sandblasting, our water-based sandblasting kit is mostly dust-free, since the particles of sand fall down together with water droplets. If you want to work on your project in your backyard, the DIAS WET SANDBLASTING KIT is the way to go – it’s SAFE and ECO-FRIENDLY.

No more heat-damage

If you’re working with a heat-sensitive surface, such as a piece of plastic or thin metal, you don’t want your panel to get damaged by heat. Whether it’s warping, bending, or discoloration, heat can have irreversible adverse effects on some materials.

As you blast your surface with sand and water from DIAS WET SANDBLASTING KIT, the cool water keeps the temperature under control. When you wet sandblast, your surface will never overheat.

"I have never attempted sandblasting before. We decided to give it a try. Then would not have to rent an air compressor and sandblasting rig. The wet sandblasting works great. Set up it fast. I used it for exterior painting projects first. Will use it for many different projects."

 - Chris Martin, US


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"Easy to use, inespenive to operate."

"Needed to rebuild the trailing arms for my 67 Corvair. Air compressor wasn't large enough to handle a sandblaster but I did have a new 3200# PSI pressure washer. Using the cheapest bast media I could buy (medium glass beads) I was surprised of the results. That is 53 years of rust that disappeared in minutes. Anybody want to buy a sandblaster? You should wear coveralls, full face shield. I did my blasting in a corner of my stone driveway so clean up was easy, let media dry and re-rake the stones.."

- Jacob Felton, Florida 

"Excellent WET sandblaster. GREAT VALUE!"

"Great product these things are the best way to clean parts. Literally takes seconds to take rust and paint off down to bare metal. Works so much better than a sandblaster. I bought a super cheap one to try at first but this one is much better built and is still cheap even comes with a couple replacement nozzles. Great value!"

- Juan Gracia, GeorGia 

 "Wet Sandblasting Works!"

"My husband and I tested this device today and I have to say that it is a pretty nice kit. The kit even included 2 extra ceramic nozzles. These nozzles wear out over time and having a few extra just makes this kit even better. To test it out, we water sandblasted a wrought iron guitar. It worked well using about 3000 PSI on the pressure washer.

One critical thing we learned the hard way is that you MUST use Play Sand. It cannot be paver stone play sand that some companies sell. It must be the fine grain play sand. If you try using paver sand, the grit is much larger and will clog the sandblaster nozzle and maybe the yellow hose.

Another thing worth mentioning is to ensure that you do not get any water in the yellow sand line as well as the stainless steel tubes that you put in your sand container. Everything needs to stay dry while using. You may want to put your sand container 5 or 6 feet away from your pressure washer wand that you will be sand blasting with. Depending on what you water sandblast, be prepared to use about half of a 50 pound bag of sand if the item is the size of the wrought iron guitar as shown in my picture.

Overall, this is a quality design kit and everything works like a charm. The company even included 2 extra hose clamps."

- Ashley T., Boise Rivers, ID


  • HEAVY DUTY:Especially designed to work with pressure washers with pressure range from 3000-5000 PSI. With the DIAS Premium Wet Sandblasting Kit, even the toughest rust and old paint on walls/metal will disappear within minutes of blasting.

  • PREMIUM QUALITY:The DIAS Premium Wet Sandblasting Kit is made of durable materials brass and stainless steel, which is corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant.

  • SAFE & ECO-FRIENDLY: The fine, abrasive dust released from dry abrasive blasting can cause harm to your important respiratory system if inhaled, or to local dust sensitive plant. Unlike the harmful dry sandblasting, the DIAS Premium Wet Sandblasting Kit is completely dust-freeand advantageous in open environments.

  • NO HEAT-DAMAGE & CLEANER SURFACE: Due to the use of water, there will be no heat damage to the surfaces and it is also cleaner - hence no separate rinsing process required.


Question: What is the best medium to use DIAS Wet Sandblasting Kit for the best results?

Answer: Play sand is the best media recommendation that you can use with the DIAS Wet Sandblasting Kit. You can also use baking soda and dry silica sand.

Question: What is the maximum PSI and maximum flow rate required to use DIAS Wet Sandblasting Kit?

Answer: The DIAS Wet Sandblasting KitPREMIUM Versionis perfect for washer pressure with pressures range from 3000 PSI to 5000 PSI, MIN Flow Rate: 4 GPM and Temperature is up to 140ºF/60ºC

Question: Is wet sand ok?

Answer:We recommend the use of dry sand. The wet sand is easy to stick in the tube and not easy to be sucked up.

Question: Can I just use this as a pressure washer or does it need the sand?

Answer:If you just use it as a washer, just connect the water wand directly to the water gun, no sand is needed. The sand is used to better remove rust and other stains.



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Disclaimer: We are not selling the Pressure Washers, we offer the compatible parts for them.

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